It’s All About the Music; Top Hits on the Radio

Music has always created popular culture. Since time immemorial, music is a popular art that has widespread appeal. Our age is one that abounds in music. And, I believe it is not wrong to say that radio was one of the prime media which immensely popularized music and its popular culture. With the coming of radio, the music industry began to embrace the wide reach that radio has. Radio services also endorsed the popular appeal that music had on the masses. Because radio music emerged to be such a huge prominence, music trending eventually became possible. Here is something on the most popular music on radio.

Who does not love listening to the songs on the radio? Whether you are catching the latest tracks, or an old time favorite, a song on the radio to me sounds definitely like one of the timeless sort. I think it is far better than generating a playlist on my media player. There’s something very grand and classic about the songs aired on radio. Radio lends a certain sort of legacy to the songs played on radio. It would certainly be a great feeling to hear one’s own song; composed or sung by self on the radio indeed. What’s more, radio broadcasters usually compile list of top songs based on the votes of the listeners. What a classic way to be popularized!

radio top hits

The Top Hit Songs on Radio

Here is a list of some of the all time favorites that listeners register when various radio stations periodically mount grand polls.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  • Imagine by John Lennon
  • Angels by Robbie William
  • Hey Jude by Beatles
  • Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana
  • Live Forever by Oasis
  • One by U2
  • Bitter sweet symphony by Verve
  • Strawberry fields forever by Beatles
  • Losing my religion by REM
  • Good Vibrations by Beach Boys
  • Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
  • Waterloo sunset by Kinks
  • Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  • Hotel California by Eagles
  • Billie Jean by Michel Jackson

And the list goes on… Well, if that does not quite sound enough, there are lists of top hits you would probably love to listen. Check out the latest list of top hits that I am sure will excite you with new music.

Though different media like the internet, especially YouTube and television have emerged as prominent means of communication I still think radio will remain a treasured one for fans like me. Radio culture might have been dying away in some regions but within decades, there will be a renewed surge again. Nowadays community radios are on the rise and they only add the variety of programs and radio endeavors we can enjoy. Radio jockeys have a trite phrase, non-stop hit which we are so familiar with. Love radio channels that rock with non-stop hits indeed. Online radios are the most modern radios with live streaming of latest songs.

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