Energy 5.1 Classic Home Theater (black, 6 speakers)

Energy 5.1 is a high gloss black finish home theater, which has sophisticated looks with realistic sound from its satellite speakers to incite more entertainment to the listeners. The bass it gives out from a powerful 200-watt speaker will astound you. The expertise integration of components in this system produces a killer sound for your HDTV systems.

Energy 5.1 has a set of six speakers and if you think it is a waste of space to accommodate all the six pieces, than you have to look elsewhere but remember, you won’t get a better sound, better performance and better looks than this speaker of this price range. The integration of technologies is so advanced that you won’t have any regrets for the blasting sound it gives. All the speakers have keyhole mounts for hanging on the walls so that you hear music from every corner of your room. The sound of the roaring sea, the whispering wind and the heavy breathing appears so realistic that you will forget that you are actually in your room. It is one of the favorite modern music gadget for many.

What’s So Special About This Speakenergytake5.1er?

  • The Convergent Source Module gives out a crisp and clear powerful sound for a better listening experience.
  • The Ribbed Elliptical Surround enables the woofers to produce a low distortion sound.
  • An aluminum dome in the speaker enables the speaker to produce accurate sound as intended to be heard.
  • The systematic venting of the speaker at the front and the back produce powerful bass.

Check out What’s inside the Box

Well, when you open the box, you will find:

  • Six pieces of glossy black Energy 5.1 speakers
  • Owner’s user guide

What You Should Do to Get Maximum Performance Out of Energy 5.1 Speakers

While installing the speakers, take care to fix the center speaker in the middle so that music or dialogues seem to appear from the center of your screen. You may place it below or above the monitor of your TV but if, you use a projector, you may place the speaker above the screen. Again, in order to avoid diffraction of sound, it is best to place the center speaker near your TV.

Do not place the satellite speakers beyond a distance of six feet for the best performance of your speakers. Keep your speakers at a height of approximately six feet for a thundering sound.

My Verdict

Energy 5.1 is a classic speaker for me because it delivers a rich sound like high-end home theaters and audio PA systems. The systems of this speaker are highly integrated with advanced technologies but it is not very costly to break your bank. The black glossy appearances of the speakers enhance and beautify your rooms. Unless you are looking for a sound bar, or portable audio speakers look no further because it is a number one speaker of this price range.

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