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The Woodwind Family Of Musical Instruments

The wind instrument is a musical instrument that normally has a hollow tube or some kind of resonator, which and when blown from one end produces musical sound.

The sound is produced by the vibration of reeds in the mouthpiece, or when it’s blown. The pitch of the vibration will determined by the length of the tube or by the manual modifications of the effective length of the vibrating column of air.

Most of the wind instruments have keys or finger holes to vary the pitch of the sound. Different methods may be used to create different sound of music.

The woodwind instruments are a family of musical instruments within the general category of wind instrument. The woodwinds instruments are frequently used my many musicians around the world today.


The Woodwind Instrument includes the following Instruments:

The Flute

Flute belongs to a wind family of musical instruments. Originally flute was first made of wood. Today, flutes are also made of silver and other metals.

Flutes are usually blown or played using two methods: the end-blown or the side-blown. The sound of flute is so distinct, loud and clear.

The Piccolo

Piccolo is a very popular musical instrument that belongs to the family of woodwind instrument. Piccolo is a small instrument, half the size of a flute, yet very powerful in producing wonder sound of music. Piccolos are pitched in key of C and also in D.

The Oboe

Oboe is said to have used during the period of the Shawm of the Renaissance. In the 17th century the Soprano Oboe is frequently used and many opted for it.

The Clarinet

Clarinet was first used during the late 1600’s. Since then, the Clarinet has undergone many changes and innovations. Today there are different types of Clarinet instruments available in the market.

The Bassoons

The origin of Bassoon can be traced back to a musical instrument called the Curtal. Bassoons were mostly used in an orchestra performance during the 17th century. But it achieves its popularity in the 18th century.

The Contrabassoon

Contrabassoon is also known as the double bassoon because it’s bigger than the bassoons. Sometimes, Contrabassoon is also called as the bassoon’s big brother. The Contrabassoons are usually pitched lower than the original bassoons so it will require more lung-power for the player.

The Cornet

Cornet is very similar with that of a trumpet. Cornets are mostly pitched in B flat. A Cornet is a transposing instrument with valves. It’s frequently used in brass bands. The Cornet has a conical bore, whereas Trumpets has a cylindrical bore.

The Flutophone

Flutophone is a pre-band musical instrument in lightweight. Flutophones are very easy to clean and not very expensive as well.

The Harmonica

Harmonica is a free-reed musical instrument. It’s mostly used in folk music and blues. It’s a portable, affordable instrument that produces lovely music out of it.

The Dulcian

Dulcian is a double-reed wind instrument of the Renaissance period. It’s the predecessor of the Shawm and the precursor of the Oboe.

The Bagpipe

Bagpipe is a kind of instrument that requires a musician to have lung-power in order to play this instrument. This instrument is not very easy to play; you need to master in order to enjoy the fun of its music.

Orchestra performance or any other musical events will be incomplete without the support of the woodwind instruments mentioned above. The woodwinds instruments may not be very attractive like that of a guitar, piano, or other musicians favorite gadgets or devices, however, they play a very important role in any musical performances.

Incredible Fender Musical Gears for Professional Musicians

Fender is the world’s leading manufacturer of musical gears since 1946. It has transformed the world of music in rock, jazz, country, rock, pop and almost all genres, and therefore it is synonymous with rock and roll. It is a reputed industry in musical instruments and so beginners, hobbyist and even the world’s most acclaimed artists have made Fender their favorite choice.


Let’s have a look at some essential fender gears for today’s musicians.

  • ST-275 Tripod Stand consists of two heavy-duty stands, which are made of anodized aluminum with alloy tubing. It is compatible for use with speakers having a pole mount adaptor up to 60 pounds of weight. Along with the stand comes a nylon bag for carrying and storing when not in use.
  • In order to personalize its strap, Fender has a monogrammed 2” strap for both professional guitarists and beginners in shades of six different colors. The length of the strap is adjustable from 44” to 52.5” to fit for young and old alike. A beautiful Fender Logo is woven on it. The leather ends of the strap provide reinforcement to make it last longer.
  • Celluloid Pick 351 is the most common pick for most players because of the leading materials used in order to provide a warm musical tone and a smooth striking surface. The tips are rounded and the body is wider for a better performance. You can choose any color from a variety of color options available.
  • The Urban Gig Bag is another exciting Fender gears for musicians to carry or to keep your guitar safe. The outer cover is polyester and the interior is padded with 11mm thick first class foam for safety from scratches. It is waterproof and offers two big pockets for carrying extra gears. The shoulder straps, like what we have in a backpack are very convenient for bikers or alternatively, you can carry it as if you carry a suitcase.
  • Fender’s Quick Change Capo is an essential item for beginners and professionals alike. It is a ready to use capo for electric guitar having six strings on any fret boards. It is easy to clamp on any fret without the least worry for adjustment.
  • No matter what kind of guitar you own, the Deluxe Guitar-Hanging Stand fits for all types of guitar. It is made of high quality metal with padded yoke, which protects nitrocellulose finishes of the instruments. The height of the stand is adjustable and so it fits most instrument sizes. It is collapsible for easy and convenient transport.
  • Fender’s Super 250 is a nickel-plated steel string that cuts through most style of music with dynamic sound. Most of the popular rock stars insist for this string for the smooth feel of steel it offers for their best performance on stage.
  • FT-004 is a very helpful Clip-on Tuner for accurate tuning of your guitar both in the dark and in the noisy places because it has a built-in vibration sensor with a large LCD display. When your guitar is out of tune, the needle indicates white and when it is in tune, it indicates green color and so you can tune your guitar easily without bothering for the noise. The weight of the tuner is just 30g powered by a 3V2032 cell battery.
  • In order to make your guitar looks like new every day, Fender has their custom shop that offers polishes and waxes, which are made of a very good grade carnauba. It is non-abrasive and therefore it is good for removing fingerprints and dirt on your guitar. It makes your guitar shine and gloss like new throughout the year.

Fender does not confine to manufacturing of guitars but also gears, which are essential for musicians. In addition to that, they manufacture quality products for the satisfaction of their customers and therefore, it is a favorite to millions of musicians around the world. These gears from Fender are musician’s essential items for their top performance.