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Musical Gadgets For Music Lovers & Musicians

Music and technology always go hand and hand. With the improvement of musical technology, the sound of music is getting richer, powerful and pleasurable.

Nowadays, music lovers are very picky about choosing audio speakers and other devices, because there are various options available for them in the market.

With the advancement of technology, the quality of sound and music has improved immensely. Musicians enjoy the freedom of composing varieties of radical music and sound creations using different gadgets and instruments that are available today.

Three Different Audio Speakers for listening Music:


The Touch Dual Boom Box Speaker

touch_dual_boombox_speakerThis mobile speaker is quite unique, because you don’t need any cables or wires to connect with the speaker. The Touch technology gives you the pleasure and convenience to place your iPhone or any Smartphone on the top of the boom box speaker and it will instantly amplify the sound and deliver amazing music. It’s compatible with MP3 player with external speakers and other phones.

The Touch Dual Boom Speaker is a portable speaker with a handle for easy carrying; it’s fully equipped with 3Watt speaker system for producing lovely music. The battery will last for about 10 hours of music continuously.

It comes with 3.5mm jack port, if your phone or device does not have an external speaker you may use a cable and connect with the touch speaker for instant music.


The Mini Amp Speaker

mini-amp_ipod_guitar-speakerThis Amplifier speaker is compact and small in design however, it’s very powerful and effective in delivering high quality sound of music. It’s based on a retro guitar amp, which are mostly placed at your desktop or table top.

The Mini Amp Speaker is built with quality 3 Watt speaker which helps in producing immersive sound of music. It comes with a USB and Audio cable.

This beautiful amp speaker would be a perfect choice for all those musicians and lovers of music who wish to play music instruments through it, and listen to music from their mobile phones. It can also work as a home theater audio system. This device is compatible with most of the Smartphones, MP3 players, iPhones and iPods etc.


The Wireless Touch Speaker

The Touch speaker is sleek and lightweight in design, with a protective grew silicone sleeve. It is uniquely crafted and it uses wireless NFA technology (Near Field Audio) to connect the speaker with your phone without any interferences.

wireless-touch-speakerYou just have to simply place your phone on the top of the Touch speaker and listen to the music. It will instantly amplify the sound and you will enjoy listening to your favorite music wirelessly. No cables or wires are needed to connect with the device.

This Touch speaker is compatible with IOS devices, Android, MP3 players and Smartphones that has an inbuilt speaker.

The Touch speaker comes with a powerful 2.5w x 2 RMS output and an optional 3.5mm jack port for enabling you to get connected with the speaker in case you don’t have an access to it.

In order to enjoy the pleasure of listening music from a high quality speaker, it is important for you to choose the right kind of audio speaker. Visit Thundering Sound site for unbiased and detailed reviews on various latest mini bluetooth speakers.

The above listed speakers are quite unique and different from the rest of the other waterproof speakers that are available in the market. So, it’s up to you to decide and pick the one that will fit the most for your daily use.

Energy 5.1 Classic Home Theater (black, 6 speakers)

Energy 5.1 is a high gloss black finish home theater, which has sophisticated looks with realistic sound from its satellite speakers to incite more entertainment to the listeners. The bass it gives out from a powerful 200-watt speaker will astound you. The expertise integration of components in this system produces a killer sound for your HDTV systems.

Energy 5.1 has a set of six speakers and if you think it is a waste of space to accommodate all the six pieces, than you have to look elsewhere but remember, you won’t get a better sound, better performance and better looks than this speaker of this price range. The integration of technologies is so advanced that you won’t have any regrets for the blasting sound it gives. All the speakers have keyhole mounts for hanging on the walls so that you hear music from every corner of your room. The sound of the roaring sea, the whispering wind and the heavy breathing appears so realistic that you will forget that you are actually in your room. It is one of the favorite modern music gadget for many.

What’s So Special About This Speakenergytake5.1er?

  • The Convergent Source Module gives out a crisp and clear powerful sound for a better listening experience.
  • The Ribbed Elliptical Surround enables the woofers to produce a low distortion sound.
  • An aluminum dome in the speaker enables the speaker to produce accurate sound as intended to be heard.
  • The systematic venting of the speaker at the front and the back produce powerful bass.

Check out What’s inside the Box

Well, when you open the box, you will find:

  • Six pieces of glossy black Energy 5.1 speakers
  • Owner’s user guide

What You Should Do to Get Maximum Performance Out of Energy 5.1 Speakers

While installing the speakers, take care to fix the center speaker in the middle so that music or dialogues seem to appear from the center of your screen. You may place it below or above the monitor of your TV but if, you use a projector, you may place the speaker above the screen. Again, in order to avoid diffraction of sound, it is best to place the center speaker near your TV.

Do not place the satellite speakers beyond a distance of six feet for the best performance of your speakers. Keep your speakers at a height of approximately six feet for a thundering sound.

My Verdict

Energy 5.1 is a classic speaker for me because it delivers a rich sound like high-end home theaters and audio PA systems. The systems of this speaker are highly integrated with advanced technologies but it is not very costly to break your bank. The black glossy appearances of the speakers enhance and beautify your rooms. Unless you are looking for a sound bar, or portable audio speakers look no further because it is a number one speaker of this price range.

Go in Tune with Roland BA 330 Portable Digital Speaker

What is Roland BA 330?

Well, Roland BA 330 is a portable digital speaker with powerful stereo sound. It is a one in all PA system, which is also very handy for professional DJs. It is quite efficient to use in congregations of 70 to 80 audiences. Roland is the world’s second highest-ranking manufacturer in popular musical instruments.


What is the Specialty of Roland BA System?

The Roland PA system works as an amplifier and speaker with eight AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. No external power is required for this system. It gives a battery life of eight to ten hours at a go.

This is perhaps the best for wedding programs in places where very long wires are needed to power up. There are no hectic arrangements necessary if we use this portable PA system.

Yet, another place where we can use this speaker is in coffee houses for singers. You don’t need a large bulky speaker to sing in coffee houses.

What are the Interesting Features of Roland BA 330?

  • The Roland BA 330 has four channels, two for instruments and microphones and the other two channels for inputs of stereo sound.BA-330_zu_090708
  • It has four 6.5” speakers and two tweeters on the top corners of the speaker.
  • It operates on eight AA batteries that last up to ten hours of continuous use
  • There is one Aux input with dedicated control knob for volume
  • It has built-in effects for Delay, Reverb and Wide
  • Features Advanced Intelligent Anti-Feedback for auto detection of howling points
  • A standard speaker stand adaptor is compatible for use with most modern speakers
  • There are two master bands with separate equalizers for separate channels
  • Also comes with Stereo Link Jacks for more channels to cascade

What are the Instruments You Can Use With This PA System?

You can use this PA system with an extensive series of instruments like microphones, CD player, guitar and even keyboard. The versatility of this system with loud powerful sound is one of the advantages that professional DJs love to own.

Why You Should Own Roland BA 330 Speaker

In places like wedding places, congregations or anywhere where power is a problem, this Roland BA 330 comes handy. You don’t have to worry for power supply because it operates on eight AA batteries. If you are a DJ, it is a good buy for you because it has everything you need for your songs. You can use this to rehearse at home. You can also take this along with you in any outdoor events. It is very helpful to address the audiences in seminars, in big classrooms or even in churches also. When you place two speakers in opposite directions, you will experience a clear and crisp sound from the speaker. It has good value for money. It is portable and comes with a case for easy transportation. This is perhaps the best buy of this price range for a portable speaker.