BEATBUDDY – Musician’s Most Favorite Gadget

What is Beatbuddy?

beat-buddy-pedalBeatbuddy is a programmable guitar pedal drum machine, often used in performing musical solos and instrumental shows. Beatbuddy is considered as the first pedal drum machine with complete creative control.

Among the list of other musical instruments and gadgets that are available in the market, Beatbuddy is one of the most useful and favorite gadget for the musicians.


What’s so Unique & Special about Beatbuddy?

With Beatbuddy you have all the styles of music such as Pop, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Punk, Country, Hip hop, R&B, Blues, Salsa, Techno, Funk and Reggae.

Choose and set your favorite style and it will accompany you perfectly.

It has a footswitch control or knobs for adjusting the drum set, tempo and volume.

There are all together 5 buttons for tap and pad navigation. That’s the power of a drum machine with an easy pedal control without distracting you.

Beatbuddy is preloaded with 200 songs, 21 different genres of music, along with10 drum sets. So, you can change the progressions as and when you require.

The dimensions of the Beatbuddy would measure about 3.7inches x 6.2 inches x 2.5 inches. The size would be similar to that of a standard effects pedal.

It comes with 1.8 inch color LCD display. This indicates the following functions like Gene of music, name, time signature and the current beat that you are playing.

The hands free Beatbuddy will play your favorite music as per your setting. You can control its function as per choice and demand. Unlike other drum sets, it comes with a pedal. This gives you the freedom to control the beat so easily and conveniently whether you are playing guitar or wind instruments.

There is a slot for SD card, for the expansion of files. If you wish to download new beats and songs, get access to the software manager and keep up upgrading.

What is your favorite drum set? Is it Latin, Hand drum, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Bushes, Electronic dance, Standard or Voice? Select and let the beat follow you as you continue plucking and striking your guitar.

If you are interested in composing songs and instrumentals, a guitar with the assistance of a drum set at the background will help you to create wonderful piece of music. Beatbuddy will perfectly fit and add value to your song and music.

When you are connected to a Beatbuddy, you don’t have to worry about the sound of the drum set or the style of music you wish to compose or perform. Beatbuddy will follow you once it is set or programmed as per your choice of music.

Today, Beatbuddy has become an important and very useful musical gadget for solo performers, song composers, music teachers, and for the musicians around the world. Solo performance is quite possible and convenient with the introduction of Beatbuddy.

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